When you look at me

what do you see?

Today my mother had a visitor..her best friend Trinna. When she came over to the house my brothers' class pictures were on the table. Trinna proceeded to take a picture of my youngest brother Eric. AND only a picture of my youngest brother, cut the picture from the other pictures and stick it into her wallet. My mother said to her: excuse me. i have two sons!...Trinna then said...i dont want a picture of darkie(referring to my other brother...David.)

i think my mother should have slapped her.shit.i might slap her next time i see her. please dont call it ignorance...its plain stupidity. both of my brothers are perfect and handsome, and the next person that compares them with each other is going to get cut off from my life completely...seriously. there is no competition in my family, we dont need to compete and wont, we love each other and do not cherish one another over the other.i mean whats with everyone's competitive spirit?...my brothers are not competing for shit....EVER!

but i really want to know
what the hell is up with this light skinned/dark skinned complex
is it a sub concious thing?...that spills over into what people think of a person's personality and emotions?

i mean what do you think, what do you see?...when you see a dark skinned person?

i see....someone who is beautiful...who skin matches my life...my struggle....what is right in this world..and what is wrong.....but what can become great...what is deep and not superficial..i see skin that cannot break...it matches depth and strength and resiliance
and when i see someone of a light complexion i see someone beautiful also...whom skin matches the sun...who can make light of any situation....i see...a skin that matches love and humor...and happiness

why do you have to look at skin color and more importantly race?

why cant you just see me?...or him? or she?...or that personality that really is that person...

i am not just dark skinned...i am tall...i am a woman...i am black..i am malaka....all those things make up me and so much more...my name is malaka not "dark skinned" so why is that the only thing you see?

but really answer the question..what do you see?!...why are people with a darker complexion looked down upon?...like they are less than....especially when compared with light skinned people.

this is not the first time my brother has dealt with this...and im sure it wont be the last...i guess i never really realized the capacity of this problem before..i was one of those people that was sick of hearing of it...now i see it from a deeper angle...and i want answers

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