What Thee Fuck?!

*To start off lets view the definition of Feminism

*Next lets look at the definition of Womanism

I guess I will just throw in the definition to fraternities also.

Now let us dissect each word more personally and in a more detailed way. Feminism was initially a movement to get women equal rights. People started to notice, though, that this movement was all-inclusive of white women only. So womanism was a movement created to include women of color.If you read the wikipedia definition of womanism, you can see it was a term first coined by Alice Walker in her novel, "In Search of Our Mother's Gardens". The movements are not competing with each other, and recently I noticed that modern feminism is more diversified. Fraternities, for the purpose of this post, I will be talking more about black fraternities, which are in the simplest definition, a organization. You can ask members and non-members of these organizations alike, what they are and you will probably get different explanations from each of them.

I don't pretend to be an expert on Fraternities or Greek organizations in general, but I do believe that I know more than the average college student. I also do not want to give off the impression that I am anti-fraternities. The main purpose of this blog is to enlighten others to fraternity members and others about the disrespect of womyn that these organizations perpetuate, it is also to express my disgust for the hypocritical ways of the members of these organizations.

Exhibit #1

Now I know that there glare may be a little distracting, but if you look closely you will see that Garcelle has no damn clothes on! This is a flyer for a Kappa party, needless to say, when I saw this I was disgusted, saddened, and disappointed. This is pitiful, using the half-clothes body of a female to garner publicity, money, and people to come to some little party, that may or may not be worth their time and effort. Not to mention, that I am sure Garcelle did not give permission for her likeness to be used in this way. I saw some brothers of KAPSI passing out these flyers and proceeded to give them a piece of my mind. Overall, they were receptive but I still don't believe that they grasped the larger meaning of what I was saying. I gave them the idea to have flyers with themselves on it, a handsome example of a Kappa man. Needless to say they liked that idea. They said that they would bring the idea to their chapter president.

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