Fox Attacks Black America!

I had never experienced direct racism until I started to attend the high school that I do now. At first when I came to this predominantly Hispanic school everyone was really nice, educated, and non confrontational. But I guess as everyone got comfortable around me their true colors started to show; now since I have been attending this school I have started to become wiser about racism and racists. Even still, none of the racism that I face is direct. The comments people make are either not said to me directly or they are not said in English so that I might understand. Readers of my blog know that this blog deals with a lot of political issues, more than entertainment.And I have made a more than a few posts about racism in America.

In my opinion America's youth, no matter what their race is, are more racist than America's adults. Of course, there are adults who are racist and then pass that hatred on to their children. I myself have faced racism from youth and adults alike.America's youth are too superficial, ignorant, and materialistic to care about another race and the feelings of one individual person.Or maybe it's just the experiences and the knowledge the adults have acquired that teach them to have respect for another race.

The definition of racism is to make a assumption about a race. Racism is as simple as that. If you make an assumption about a race then you are a racist. I am shocked by the blatant racism this country has and most of the racists in this country believe they are not racists. I am so passionate about stopping racism because I have faced it and had to deal with and it has given me a thicker skin. Which in the end is a positive result for me.

And in a final note a joke: How many racists does it take to screw on a light bulb?

None....they don't want to be enlightened!

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