Good Music Finally Prevails?

So if you are reading this blog you may be familiar with the 50 Cent. 50's career has been, since its very start, has been based on controversy. I like 50 Cent, just as much as the next person, and he really came through with classics, such as, Many Men and Piggy Bank. However, speaking of Piggy Bank, which was a huge diss record, 50 Cent is also known for his provactive disses of other rappers. You can say that he acquired this trait from this mentor Eminem. I will admit that 50 has ruined some careers with his disses, Ja Rule anyone(?), and in turn, beefed up his own. 50 Cent used to be a record selling powerhouse, now, not so much. You can say he's losing his luster. After losing his battle with Kanye West, seems like all his beef is losing its fat. He is garnering some new attention with his new mixtape, War Angel, which I have yet to listen to, is it any good yall? But anyways, you may also be familiar with 50's short lived beef with Ricky Ross the Bawse(Boss). 50 said that he was setting out to ruin Mister Ross' career. Well he didn't. He used all his usual ammo, old facts about how Ross isn't really all that hood, as he may make himself seem, calling out Ross' baby mama, etc. Ross is still thriving as an artist. Which must mean that Mister Cent is not as good at his old craft as he used to be right??? So does that mean that Ross' music/ good music over controversy ??

But what is the underlining issue here? That a rappers lie about where they come from. Today is seems as if you have to have killed a couple of people in order to have a viable career in hip hop. If you don't have that type of background, you lie about it, just like a lot of other rappers. In hip-hop, you can't rap about the ghetto if you've never actually lived there.  But shouldn't you be able to?? Any educated person knows how the perils of the hood are effecting America's black youth. I'd rather hear Talib rap about the hood than 50, I'd rather hear an intellectual perspective than glamorization. And can we please get rid of this notion that everything a rapper says is autobiographical? Its not. Rappers perpetuate this all the time! When I write a poem, that doesn't necessarily mean that its about me, I may be writing from the perspective of someone else. Rappers know they lie, listeners know they lie. Who cares???


4 Best Love Songs By a Male Hip Hop Artist

You can put them in order.

1. The Light by Common
2. You Got Me by The Roots featuring Erykah Badu
3. Forever by Ghostface Killah
4. You're All I Need by Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige


New Music

So my friend from high school, the artist formerly known as Jessica aka Puff Puff is a rapper now. She even has a song and video out right now. Check it:

Hip Hop: You've Got So Far To Go

So as a labor of love, I have decided to start a blog about hip hop. The thought came to my mind last night during another one of my late night stalking new and old hip hop music alike. See, when I am at home I spend literally hours on end going to various music sites, the main ones I visit and like are listed on the link list. Hip Hop has become a obsession for me. As I write this I am listening to music by one of my favorite emcees, Nas, music from his demo. But of course, as a feminist it is a constant internal battle. Hip hop continously abuses my very being, and yet I still love it. I will never abandon or villify hip hop, instead with this blog and other movements in my life I hope that we can change hip hop for the better. What qualifies me to write a blog like this? Simply the fact that I love hip hop music and have knowledge of a feminist/womanist perspective. I am still learning about hip hop, though, I am no expert. This blog will focus on everything hip hop, please spread the word, I will try my best to get new music, but know that it will be hard as an upcoming hip hop blogger. Also, I want to let the readers know that even though content I might post will be offensive to womyn, it is still hip hop and it just shows how much work needs to be done. 

PS: The title of this blog comes from poem by Def Poet Jessica Care Moore about the misogny in hop hop and her love of this lifestyle despite it. Check it below: