So I Think I Have Found The Answer

...to why girls hate each other

i learned in pysc class that we as people all have a natural complex to want to do our best and to be the best. so naturally we want to compete with each other to be the best and to have the best. and why arent boys included in this little competition? because we compete to get them!

i have a proposition...stop competing with each other and compete with yourself. we must strive to be better than we were the day before not be better than people who we should be helping to be better. we must stay in our own lane and do our own thing, and not compare ourselves to other people. we just gotta do us and not worry about what other people are doing.

i know its hard, when girls hate and talk about you for no reason and spread rumors, but i just started killing these hoes with kindness and LET ME TELL YOU..its a whole lot better on my blood pressure!

and another thing....take your focus off these boys that aint bout shit and worry about your future!

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