Week 3 Writing: WCC Writer's Workshop

Prompt & Response: What are your strengths, what are their sources? loving. writing. standing up for people. picking out jewelry. caring & respecting.

What are your weaknesses? Communication.
Where do you find power? I find power in possibility. I find power in the resistance of women of color.
Where do you encounter fear? What holds you powerless or helps you overcome? I encounter fear through healing. Through trying to be myself everyday in country where my being is despised. I feel powerless when I'm experiencing sadness, hurt, confusion, loneliness, etc. What helps me to overcome is practicing self care.

I know... that I can heal.
I think... about this journey everyday.
I am... beautiful.
I don’t know... when this process will end.
I  can’t explain... so many things about my experiences and my life.
I believe... in myself.