West Coast Hip Hop: Part 6: Dregs One

Dregs One is an emcee and producer from Northern California, San Francisco to be exact. One of the aspects I appreciate most about Dregs's music, besides good beats, is that he actually has something to say and can actually be called a progressive or conscious rapper and he gets considerably better with every project. Check out some videos from Dregs off his newest mixtape "The Wake Up Call" below:

Also, check out Dregs' Wake Up Reports where he talks about community issues below:

Stay up to date on Dregs One's projects here.


I Love LA: Part 5: Downtown LA Artwalk

I went to the Dowtown Art Walk for the first time this past Thursday. It was pretty fun. There was some good art and cool vendors and it was hella crowded. I just wish the streets were better lit and that the galleries were all next door from each, they're too spread out. I'm proud of myself because all I bought was a $10 mojito. Why are drinks so expensive?! ugh. Well it will be my last time having a mojito, I don't like the taste. Check out the pics of me and some friends and some of the artwork below:


I Love LA: Part 4: Things To Do in LA This Week

Things to Do in LA:
  • Downtown Art Walk
    • second Thursday of every months starting on Main street, generally lasts from 12-9pm
    • Free
    • Self-guided tour of art galleries in the Downtown Los Angeles area
  • Third Wednesday/Downtown Culver City
    • live entertainment
    • art galleries
    • food & drink specials
    • giveaways
    • free samples
    • between Culver Blvd & Washington blvd.
    • 5-9pm
    • 3102026060
  • Activist Public Picnic
    • Vegan Potluck
    • Clover Park, 2600 Ocean Blvd. Santa Monica
    • 12-3pm
    • 3103991000


Hippie Shit

I don't like when people call me a hippie. Its not that I get offended, I just think its inaccurate. First off, unless you were a teenager or a young adult in the 60s that practically lived on Haight & Ashbury, then you my friend are not a hippie. Maybe you bear similarities to hippies, but hippies are not born/made everyday. They were a people/movement that has since died out.

I would guess that people call me a hippie because I always talk about love, peace, and equality, which was a lot of the stuff that hippies fought for. My problem with people that call themselves hippies are that they shout "love!" with no real analysis on why hate exists. They just say these things because its are trendy and call themselves hippies because that's the trendy thing to do but know nothing of concepts like appropriation, or colonization, or white privilege.

The clothes: which is another reason people probably call me a hippie. I don't dress like no damn hippie. Most people who try to emulate hippie culture are just doing it to be trendy. Native people all over the world dressed in bright, ornate ways way before hippies came on the map. Say I dress like the Native people of the world, not no damn hippie. More than anything, I try to represent myself in the way that I dress. & I am not a hippie.