Week 2 Writing: WCC Writer's Workshop

For some reason I'm just now seeing the week 2 prompt. So my entry is as follows:

Prompt: What do you do in your life just for yourself, to heal, to grow, to learn? What do you do for your family and community? What do you create, manifest, or imagine? What recipes do you use in all aspects of your life? What mixtures of friends, brews of ideas, and practices combine to create your life?

Response: I am just starting the process of learning and practicing self care. As a black woman, from a young age I've been taught that other people's wants and needs have priority over mine. I've been taught that the one possession that I was born with is not my own, my body; that it belongs to my parents, my boyfriend, my uncles, the men who I pass on the street, the women who seek to tear me down, the corporations, and capitalism. It was until just a few weeks ago that I realized self-care wasn't indulgent, that it didn't make me a selfish failure. That it is ok to put yourself first and even necessary. 

Also, self-care is incredibly difficult when you live with your parents. Its also difficult for me because for the last four-ish years, social activism has been my life, its been my passion and one of the mechanism that I used to reduce stress. However, now I realize that this work can be very triggering and that I was using it partially to ignore my own issues. I've since been taking a break from social activism, focusing on myself with regard to self-love and trusting myself. Some things that I do use for self-care are drinking hot tea, treating myself to some sweets, reading while lying by the heater, spending time with friends, drinking wine, going to the movies, exercising, meditating, taking a hot shower, napping, writing, watering the grass, [practicing tantric] masturbation, breathing deeply, and thinking positive thoughts.