Whats that? I am always wanting to learn more. I always feel that there are always half truths going around making people think that they know everything and can look down on people who know less. Don't harbor you information, spread it. I am trying to learn more so that I won't continue to be one of these people. I am writing here, so I can spread it. Learn the truth and help others learn the truth.This subject is something I want to learn more about, because I feel that there is more that I should know and that there are people who know what I don't know. I want to learn more and be more educated about black issues, since it is one of my passions. I am reading an article in Our Weekly right now and its talking about a question that someone asked the author about why people find their pride in Egypt when it is such a small part of Africa. Sooo Kemet=Egypt? According to this article, yes. And Mesopotamia is not the birth of civilization but Kemet is. But then I have heard things about Egyptians not being labeled as Black. Well the truth, is that Egypt/Kemet is a mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and African heritage. This is why you can see a person from Egpyt look like they are not black.But Africans were supposedly in Kemet since 10,000 B.C.E and Middle Easterners, not until 7th Century A.D. I want to visit Egypt next summer. It is such a beautiful place and holds so much of our history.It also holds alot of mysteries and secrets. Like for example, if we ruled Egypt does that mean that we had slaves to build things like the Sphinx which represents Black King Khafre? Who were the slaves? Middle Easterners as depicted in movies or were the slaves just like us?

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