This is a subject that has been beaten to death.

So I just made Great Womyn in Progress a Myspace page, so I have been searching for like minded pages. I came across the page for Black Girls Rock. I added it, and then proceeded to follow a link to their actual website. As I looked around the page, I saw that there was evidence that young girls are actually negatively affected by the over-sexed images presented on television. Now we have all heard this before about how hip hop hates womyn and how we can't bend over at parties because it shows our lack of self-respect, but actually showed evidence by a reliable source. I was never one who had an opinion one way or the other about the music videos and such, but I know that they could be a little bit too vulgar. I didn't care though, I love hip-hop and know that a lot of times artists are afraid to step outside of the box and not portray womyn as just sexual creatures. I wasn't the one to blame the womyn in the videos either, for a life lesson that I had to learn once is that, you get in where you fit in, and you do what you gotta do. I'm sure most of those womyn don't like doing what they are doing in those videos, but just feel that they don't have any other choice, that one day what they are doing will pay off and lead to something bigger. I just feel that parents need to monitor what their children watch on television, that people shouldn't watch those music videos(they usually are crap anyways) if they cannot decipher between image and reality.

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