Sex Offenders

My friend and I were talking about the sex offenders in our neighborhood; we live near each other.She told me about meganslaw.ca.gov, where you can find out about the sex offenders in any neighborhood in California.You can search by Name, Zip Code, County,Specific address,Specific school or park,and City to find sex offenders in surrounding areas. I entered in my specific address they showed me a this map of my address and the immediate surrounding area.There are so many sex offenders in my neighborhood.I live almost right next door to an elementary school, also.Also, the website shows you pictures and the offenses of the person.You can also find out what distinct marks they have on them or their aliases.As I watched the map fill up with all those little blue marks, I was disgusted. I did not think my neighborhood was exempt, but I do live in a quiet neighborhood and I could not imagine that there would be sex offenders living within walking distance from me.I have two young brothers and I am afraid for them not to mention my own 17 year old self.Do not forget the sex offenders on this site are REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS.There are so many more out there who have failed to comply with the registration process.I specifically know of another sex offender who is within walking distance, is not registered, and who has not been caught by the cops.On the website it shows which offenders are in some type of violation with their living requirements or their registration process.I wonder what is being done about this?Visit the site please and report any information you might know about these offenders.Sometimes there is no address to coincide with the offender or any picture.This is sad and I cannot help but to ask why.When there is no address it says that this address is "not subject to disclosure".It sounds like these people are being protected.It also says under the picture of the person that this person may have subsequently relocated.Magen's law was inspired by a girl who was raped and killed by a known offender who moved across the street to the girl and her family without their knowledge.Magen's law needs improvements, but overall it is an exceptional tool to help protect families.You would be surprised by some of the offenders on this page: women, young men,short people, people you would not expect.I searched my friend's zip code and only two offenders showed up.She lives in Ladera Heights, so I guess that it is true that many offenders do not live in more prominent areas.Most of the offenders, truly were African-American men, some Hispanic men and very few women of any race.Also, most of the offenses were committed against people under the age of 14.The website says that there is some form of this website in every state, but I did not see any link.In conclusion, I would like to say that the purpose of this blog and the website is not for the discrimination against or the harassment or intimidation of these offenders, but only to educate and protect.I will also say that I hope that in the future there can be a similar system in place that accurately records all heinous offenses for the regular viewing of the public not just those of a sexual nature.The public needs to be able to protect themselves where our designated protectors cannot. Anyone who is particularly interested in this subject should read The Lovely Bones it's a story about a girl who was raped and killed, it's really good.

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