Officers Killing Black People For No Reason

What is with this conspiracy against black people that police officers have?It seems to me that they have some kind of grudge against our people.Killing in defense can be justified, but when there is evidence that shows unprecedented, merciless killings of black people something is wrong.What I would like to know is, what is going on that the people who are supposed to protect everyone, killing us.This is sad and despicable.The killing of our people needs to be stopped.We need to get to the bottom of why this is happening and stop it!
This is a picture of Jada Bell when she learned that her father would not be coming home anymore. She is too young to understand how merciless officers shot her father 50 times on his wedding day. Look at this face the is just one face that has experienced the pain from a death by a murderer/police officer.The officers in this crime were recently found not guilty.

Visit Justice for Sean Bell to help

This is a You Tube video, about this type of violence.Its a small documentary by Michael Moore.

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