Bust The Windows Out Your Car V.S. ???

So today I was listening to my ipod on shuffle and a song came up that reminded me of another song; Blu Cantrell's Hit Em Up. Yall know yall remember that song! In it Blu talks about the revenge she gets after she catches her man scheming. "While he was scheming, I was beamin' in the beamer, just beamin', can't believe that I caught my man cheating, so I found another way to make him pay for it all" Then the other day I was watching "Waiting To Exhale". Yall know the part I'm talking about where Bernadette lays flame to all ol' boys belongings. "It is trash." Oh and I was watching Tyler Perry's "Diary of Mad Black Woman, yall know when she start kicking his ass. It made me feel empowered, that these battered womyn were getting their full due. But does this even solve anything? If you ever committed one of these selfish acts, did it help you overcome the way you felt. Ever got back with a guy who did you wrong? How's the relationship now? Is it even realistic to get revenge? All this got me to thinking, I've always been the type to not get revenge on a dude for his devilish ways. I let karma do the talking, no matter how much I want to spend all his at "Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree-ah". What do yall think about "busting the windows out" a dude's care when he does yall wrong? Does it seem immature to yall? Have you ever gotten revenge on a woman or man? Ever had some homeboys rough him up? Steal some of his shit? What? Share! Ever really wanted to fuck him up but decided against it? Tell me your intricate plans to get back at him! Did you have to deal with any repercussions ? Did he/she find out that it was you? Did you even try to hide the fact that it was you? As the proud owner of a "Fuk that Nigga" playlist, I know listening to some music about ladies getting their revenge and getting over heartbreak helps me get over a heartbreak myself? What do yall do to get over someone stepping on your heart like a cockroach? What songs do you listen to, to help you get through the tough times, whether it be dealing with a man, friend, or family member? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. I'll leave some songs from my playlist below.

(and how you need ya space and give the keys back to ya door)

(and keep talking that mess, that's fine. ps. i had some shorts like hers, that i miss soo much!)

(notice the keying of the car)

(but i'll be damned if i see another chick on your arm)

(and you actin' like its allathat)

(when you lose the one you wanted, cuz he's taking you for granted. ps, the black guy in the video can get it!)

(if you like it, then you should've put a ring on it)

Ok, that was a lot of Bey but I love me some her.

Erykah Badu-Tyrone
(i'm getting tideofyoshit)

(you see you can't just play with people's feelings)

(held you when you were sick....)

(that was quite a show, very entertaining, but its over now)

(i miss this keyshia!)

(in my heart i know, ya couldn't love me, but maybe i just kept holding on)

(thinking of all the times we shared)

(let it go)

(why you don't care no more)

Ok, that was a lot of Keyshia, but yall know she used to be on the heartbreak tip!

(love this video!)

(when its all over please get up and leave)

(oooh Reggie Bush!)

(After all you put me through, You'd think I'd despise you, But in the end I wanna thank you, 'Cause you made me that much stronger)

(while all the time I was loving you, you were busy loving yourself)

(don't sleep on cherish)

(cuz i'm believing what yo friends say bout your hidden secreies)

(don't wanna play house no more)

(what you were saying in your sleep, it violated me)

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