And Every Night Around This Time We Make Love Songs...

That's the name of one of my favorite songs by The Dream aka Terius Nash, called er, you guessed it, Love Songs! In the song, Mr. Nash, talks about how he and his significant other of the night are making muuusic. What I want to know is how you and your lady/man of the night get down? Music or none? Do you need the beats of R&B Thug by R.Kelly to drown out the sometimes awkward sounds of squeaking bodies against each other? Or it the sound of the breathy moans enough to get you by? Ever listen to song with some hella contradictory shit? For example, ever listen to The Greatest Sex by R.Kelly, knowing that its totally wrong, because this is the farr from great sex?? Ever wish you had music? If you get down with music what are some of your favorite hits to listen to? Got any special cuts? Do you use the same shit every time you get down? Or do you change it up with every dip in the nasty nasty?? Or do the songs change depending on whether its a jump-off or a real relationship you got with the other person? Let me know! I want to hear what yall think!

So, in the spirit of sex music, let me tell yall a little story. So the first REAL time I had sex my then-boo asked me to pick the song, he got mad because I kept putting on hip-hop songs. Hey!, my love runs deep! I was putting on songs such as Hey Ma by Cam'ron and Juelz Santana and Money Make Me Come by Ricky Ross the Boss then he snatched away the iPod and turned on some wack R&Blues, at that! Some omarionjamiefoxxbullshit. I don't know about yall, but I'm not a fan of too many male R&B artists, but I can definitely fuck with some Trey Songz, The (aforementioned) Dream (no pun intended). It figures he had none. Like who doesn't have these two in their iPod selection?? They are a must if you like to get it on to music, man! Well, it goes without saying that I am such a huge hip-hop head that I even want to have sex to it, and he and others I told about it make me think it was weird, but I came to realize (hey!) you like what you like! Anyway, anything that I wanted to get down to would have been wayy better than getting it in to the same wack shit every time. I did end up making a playlist for us, that was still in line with his style of sexing. It had some This Song by LeToya and Make Love by Keri Hilson. Too bad I never got to try any of it, shit popped off before I had a chance to.

And if you still think I'm weird, here's a post at Parlour Mag about good hip-hop songs to do the do to.

Some of my favorite "songs that get the skins" follow:

Adina Howard-Freak Like Me

Adina Howard-Nasty Grind

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