Iggy Azalea: Updated

About to listen to Iggy Azalea "Ignorant Art" mixtape for the first time which is apparently an ode to basquiat. I was reading an interview from her in the newest issue L.A. Record which I just picked up from Amoeba, it made me immediately run to her site. She seems hella cool, hope it doesn't disappoint.

[Excerpt from the interview]
You have more in common with older female rapper-or maybe Nicki Minaj at the beginning of her career.

"Yeah, now she wants to be Harajuku Barbie. My videos weren't always sexual, and people would say it was going to take me, like six years longer because of that. Fuck off, if I'm going to do it, I'll do it how I want to do it....I'm not doing it in a man's version of what women's sexuality is allowed to be, which I personally think is bullshit and most of the time demeaning."

Plus she's cute.

[Quickie Review]
Ignorant Art is definitely ignorant music. There's no lyricism of real substance. I do like the fun vibe of it though, kind of reminiscent of Kid Sister. It is different than other music out there, especially coming from a female rapper and its definitely not something that can easily fit into radio, so she gets points on that. Iggy has a nice flow and the potential to make better music than this. Halfway through listening, I saw that YG was on one of the tracks. Usually this would be grounds for automatic dismissal, but I continue to listen. I do like Treasure Island. And to stop comparisons to Kreayshawn, she should never make another song like Drop That. [Verdict]: I'll let her stay on my ITunes, she might grow on me.

You can download Iggy's mix tape here.

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