What I'm Loving Right Now Part 2

Natural Hair!!

So of course, I have a obligatory story to tell pertaining to my "natural hair journey." So for the most part, I've always been natural, at least according to the usual definititon. I've only had a perm on my edges. So for the better part of my life, I've been getting my hair pressed & flat ironed every two weeks, along with the normal, expected blow drying. I just got tired of the maintenance required in getting my hair pressed, the wrapping, the no-water rule, the sweating out, etc. So I decided to wear my natural hair out, I've been loving it so far. However, what I didn't realize was that natural hair was such a huge movement! There are so many books, Youtube channels, websites, blogs, etc. all on natural hair; how to take care of it, styles, journeys, everything & anything you can imagine! There's so much support for those that want to go natural, so if you want to go natural, know that you are not alone. I totally see this as a resistance to dominant culture and euro-centric standards of beauty. Go head yall!

Below, I'm just going to put up a couple links to videos and other ish that I like when it comes to natural hair.

Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog

Curls, Coils & Kinks

Naturally Obsessed

The SuPreen


Motown Girl

Chiselle Couture





What's your favorite natural hair webistes??

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