A Picture is Worth...

What message do yall think this picture sends, especially from someone who is a victim/survivor of domestic violence?

In the picture she seems to be afraid, hiding from something, in a dark place, and with her clothes off. She is not in a position of strength or power in the picture, with the words Wait Your Turn plastered across. She looks like a victim. Definitely not sending a good message, combined with the fact that the world watched her go through this ordeal. But, hey, that's just my opinion.


  1. it's a pretty ambiguous photo. i think of two things: abuse and prostitution.

  2. I think this image does speak volumes to Violence against womyn, however, I think her whole new image says something about death and self-imposed or self-inflicted violence, like cutting. This picture makes me think of the many victims of suicide and those who cut themselves. Its very dark and irrie, but its also attempting to convey a message about how she feels and the things she's going thru. Maybe she's trying to tell us that love is so powerful and so deadly

  3. yea. i feel. what about the photo makes you think of those two ideas?

  4. @Khadejah-Maxine: yea, i think thats a good interpretation.


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