A-typical Lil' Wayne Rant

So I wrote a note earlier today basically cussing out all the Lil’ Wayne fans(besides those who he is their favorite rapper) and saying that Lil’ Wayne never raps about anything of substance. Well I had to eat my words...because of a comment left by Calvin. Calvin said that Lil’ Wayne actually rapped about Hurricane Katrina AND joje Bush. Well hell! I guess if Lil’ wayne knows what is going on in the world; he cannot be all-bad. But his album is still exactly what I expected.(I haven't listened to the songs Calvin was talking about, and people keep telling me to listen to more music from his mix tapes)but love him or hate him. Lil’ wayne is becoming one of the biggest rappers EVER. He is definitely changing the game with his new, inventive, metaphorical rap. Now he definitely has his shortcomings...as does any rapper. Especially of his age...at this stage in hip-hop...who used to rep cash money oh so hard. But what reason is there really to hate him so?...as so many people do?...Lil’ wayne will never be my favorite rapper...I just can't get with his flow...but I do like most of his songs...don't get me wrong though. I still holdfast to my bandwagon theory. That everyone is hopping on the Wayne wagon...just because he is popular...WELL FUCK YOU MINDLESS IDIOTS! Is it possible that Lil’ wayne has hip-hop on his back? Is it possible that he is the best rapper rite now...or ever? Well in my opinion he is a definite candidate for the title...he had the most anticipated album. I even rushed to get that shit...do not ask me why...and about 10 of his songs is killing the radio rite now...and to top it off...Lil’ wayne appears ahead of his favorite rapper/idol/mentor on most peoples Best Rapper List. (As does Kanye)...seems like jay is doing a little too much mentoring. His his album was cool. So I cannot hate.

But in a final note...just hold out for a LITTLE while longer you wayne haters...he's getting too huge too fast AND crossing over to the white people too...soon he'll be overrated. Then then again, that did not hurt Kanye too much.

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