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So I am sitting here in the waiting room.Waiting.For my brother and my mother to come out of the doctor's office.My brother has an appointment today.Well I am sitting here reading a article in Newsweek.It's titled Lessons from Locke, written by Donna Foote.Well, you know what Locke she is talking about do you not? Yea, that is correct, Locke high school in Watts. One of the, shall I say, roughest, toughest, baddest schools in the Los Angeles area.That is my area, my neighborhood.And all we got is a bunch of beaten down, underprivileged bullshit schools, that work hard to do the opposite of what should be done.What they do is kill a child's dream, kill a child's hope, and most horribly they kill a child's way.A kid graduating(if they graduate at all) from Locke, or Jordan, or Dorsey(all in LA Unified School District,which is one of the worst), will either feel one of two ways.Broken, or ready to conquer the world, after survival that hell hole..Why is it that they almost always feel broken.I went to Morningside for a year, not as bad as the others.But I DID feel as though no one was there to learn and that not one of the officials there cared enough about getting an education only about the school's reputation, which I guess is not ALL bad. So whose to blame? Should we even blame?Who should we blame for the busted school campuses and the incapable teachers?My mother is the only person that got me to the point I am at right now.Not that I am at any point right now.I just realize that its more that a lot of other people are.My mom always made it so that I did not view college as just a option.It was a must, even before I started to get interested in how much education is needed to ensure a person's future.She never forced me to go to college, but embedded in my mind that it was the next rightful step after high school.From early on she stressed the importance of academic excellence,though, I did not always achieve it.She always kept tabs on what homework assignments and projects I needed to complete.She made sure she checked my homework for mistakes and neatness.She went to parent/teacher conferences and rewarded good academic progress.But what good is all this if the schools you attend fall short?You can make the best out of your experience, but no matter what the white kids at the white schools are still getting a better chance to go to those white schools.Is it just because they are white? I'll say yes.Because being white goes hand in hand with white privilege, while we are left to sit alone and ponder the achievement gap.If there's no books to teach in, no desks to sit at, no classrooms to teach in, and of course, no money to fund a better, inventive education, then students fail.Of course, a select few will flourish in this type of environment, lets hope they do not forget about the people that still need help, as so many others do. In a capitalist society, everything costs money. And when motivation has a price on it, it gets tiring.That was my problem throughout my education and still is one.I have problem seeing that missing one minuscule homework assignment will lower my grade, especially when all I want to do is watch the newest episode of The Hills.High school did not prepare me for college, which is why I find myself struggling in college.I did not develop study skills or any other good habits.I should have forced myself to earn better grades and develop the skills that I needed for the future, instead I slacked off and it was allowed by the school system. I can definitely sympathize with the incoming freshman when they say they are scared to come to college because they do not know HOW to study. This is typical since when you are in school the primary goal is not always getting an education, like it should be.I want to help people, I want to help people overcome the problems that I faced because I know better than anyone how to overcome them. I want to help people overcome the problems that this world can bring. I find myself wanting to be a teacher sometimes to better the education system and create and get involved in the reformation of the US education system. I am sure many people have heard of the alarming statistics about how we will one day lose our position as a world power if today's children keep getting the weakest education possible in the United States. I want to be a teacher, until I realize that I do not like kids and that I have a hard time explaining things. I will stick to being a lawyer and one day we will sue the United States government for giving us the poorest education possible, when the children of politicians get the best education possible. Did you know...that if you are illiterate you have a higher probability to commit a crime. So really by not improving education the government is biting their own self in the ass. But how do we at the most basic and grassroots level change education when we have practically no help from the federal government? When everyday we are seeing how it is harder and harder to survive and make a meaningful living without a higher and higher degree of education.I will just say advocate for the need of a good education for today's youth, and if you want to be a teacher and like kids, do that, who cares about the money when you are making a difference.But a raise for teachers, wouldn't hurt either. These damn senators shouldn't be getting paid that much, especially when the Senate is supposed to mirror the population. There is also a lot of possibilities for advancement when you are a teacher, principles were usually once teachers, and they make good money. If I do have kids, I am going to send them to the worst school possible and then I am going to advocate for better materials, and better teachers, and a challenging curriculum, not only because I want to ensure my future child's future, but this nation's future. I love America, hate the government.

Then there's the issue of the CAlifornia High School Exit Exam; a derivative of No Child Left Behind. The problem with No Child Left Behind is that it is backed by virtually no money, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and good intentions is about all No Child Left Behind has, and definitely not any resources. Lets assume the reason why passing the CAHSEE is a necessary requirement is because it would mean that if you could not pass the test then you failed to learn what you needed to learn in your educational career and that you cannot succeed without this information. I feel that if a student cannot pass the test then it is not solely the student's fault. It is the parent's fault, and the schools that taught that student, so why are on the students being punished? Why isn't the school and therefore the government being held accountable also?

The other thing that helped me get to this point, is theother schools that I attended, they weren't the best but they weren't the worst either. There was an environment at those schools that everyone was focused on school. When it came time to apply for college, everyone was doing so, it was the culture of the school during that time. Never should a student, in this day in age, not know when the deadline is to apply for a UC, not know what they have to do to come here, and fall by the waist side.There are schools out here, where no one is going to college, and no one is telling these students that they should go to college.

Teach for America link for wanna be teachers:http://www.teachforamerica.org/

Gates(as in Bill & Melinda Gates,big advocates of education) Foundation link for students:http://www.gatesfoundation.org/default.htm

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