Hip Hop: You've Got So Far To Go

So as a labor of love, I have decided to start a blog about hip hop. The thought came to my mind last night during another one of my late night stalking new and old hip hop music alike. See, when I am at home I spend literally hours on end going to various music sites, the main ones I visit and like are listed on the link list. Hip Hop has become a obsession for me. As I write this I am listening to music by one of my favorite emcees, Nas, music from his demo. But of course, as a feminist it is a constant internal battle. Hip hop continously abuses my very being, and yet I still love it. I will never abandon or villify hip hop, instead with this blog and other movements in my life I hope that we can change hip hop for the better. What qualifies me to write a blog like this? Simply the fact that I love hip hop music and have knowledge of a feminist/womanist perspective. I am still learning about hip hop, though, I am no expert. This blog will focus on everything hip hop, please spread the word, I will try my best to get new music, but know that it will be hard as an upcoming hip hop blogger. Also, I want to let the readers know that even though content I might post will be offensive to womyn, it is still hip hop and it just shows how much work needs to be done. 

PS: The title of this blog comes from poem by Def Poet Jessica Care Moore about the misogny in hop hop and her love of this lifestyle despite it. Check it below:

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